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01.05.11 14:47
First voyage of new dry-cargo vessel "Ommax" of "Blue wave Shipping" company

On April 24, 2011 at 10 p.m. by Beijing time river-sea going multi-purpose dry-cargo motorship "Ommax" departed for her first voyage.
The vessel was built at "Xingang Shipyard", Tianjin (China) for "Blue Wave Shipping" holding company (Otar Kosashvili is a chairman of board of directors).
Project RSD08 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessel's building is supervised by Anatoliy Yukhimenko, technical director of "Blue Wave Shipping".
Designing and construction supervision is being carried out by Don-Kubanskiy branch of RRR (Yuriy Sklyarenko is the head of branch).
Vessel's Russian River Register class notation is of M-SP 3.5, which allows to make international voyages through Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and others Seas. It completely pays off traditional commercial geography of river-sea going vessel's operation, within boundaries of class restrictions.
The vessel of RSD08 prj. is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, scrap, grain, timber, 8'.5 and 9' ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 (including natural gas in tank-containers) classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of BC Code. The vessel is going to be used on internal waterways of the Russian Federation's European part, including Volga-Don canal and Volga-Baltic way, and also in sea areas according vessel's class.
Project belongs due to MEB internal classification to the vessels which are destined for "Sormovskiy"/"Volga-Balt" type replacement.
Shipowner will use the vessel as well-known and famous vessels of "Omskiy" type replacement.
Overall length is of 107.6 m, length between perpendiculars is of 105.0 m, breadth is of 14.8 m, depth is of 5.0 m.
Deadweight is of 3794 tons when sea draught is of 3.89 m. Deadweight is of 3258 tons when sea draught is of 3.60m.
Capacity of 4 cargo holds is of 6190 cub.m.
All holds are box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without stowing. The cargo holds' sizes are of 18.00x12.84 m (hold Nos. 1, 2, 3), 17.4x12.84 (hold No. 4) with the height of 7.7 m.
Hatch covers are of Piggy Back type.
Crew consists of 14 persons (15 places).
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 550 kWt each provide cruising speed of 10.0 kn. Variable-pitch propellers are in fixed nozzles.
Designed vessel hull' life term is of 15 years. The ship steel of category RSD with a yield limit of 235 MPa was accepted for basic hull constructions. Upper part of continuous longitudinal hatch coamings, deck plating and framing system in the cargo area are made of increased strength steel of category D32 with a yield limit of 315 MPa.
The double bottom is designed for distributed load intensity of 6.1 t/m² that allows to use a bucket grab.
Autonomy is of 15 days.
The keel of RSD08 prj. lead vessel (building number is of FA 00307-1) was laid on 31.08.07. She was launched on 01.05.08 and put into operation on 23.04.2011.